3·2·GO is our small retail storefront specializing in high quality sports touring adult recumbent tricycles. We are quite literally a Mom-and-Pop Shop, located on the south central California coast, in the city of Ventura and about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Our physical address is:

1813 E Main St
     Ventura CA 93001

on the corner of Pacific, about 8 blocks west of Seaward, and about a mile east of California (downtown).

Although we maintain a real brick-and-mortar storefront at 3·2·GO, we do not have a fixed schedule of normal business hours. We are available at higly flexible times with a pre-arranged appointment. Because our product line and customer base are both relatively small, we concentrate on personalized customer service. I prefer to work with serious shoppers who are looking for an upscale trike, and who are willing to take the time and effort to really get to know our products. We try very hard to properly fit and set up a demo for each customer, and I really like for him or her to take it out for a serious evaluation at least 5 to 10 miles if possible, rather than a quick loop around the parking lot. Because we have fairly short hours and are frequently away from the shop, we strongly recommend that you phone or email with as much advance notice as practical to let us know you're coming and work out a good time for a demo. After hours? No problem as long as we know when to expect you.

Please click on one of these links to see a map, or driving directions. If you need more information, please contact us either by emailing:

or by phoning us at 805-794-0718.


3·2·GO is owned and operated by me, Wayne Leggett, my wife Kay and our son Cameron. We are all active trikeys and we thoroughly enjoy the social interaction with our potential customers and other cyclists. I'm an engineer by training with decades of experience in aerospace, commercial and small businesses. I've been an active cyclist almost all my life, with a lot of seat time on upright bikes, trikes (of course), and tandems, most often for basic recreation. But for at least one of those decades I competed fairly actively in time trials and triathlons. Beginning in 2002, we were the sole US importer of Australian-built LoGo trikes, and we are very excited to continue our relationship as an active member of LoGo's US dealer network, offering trikes by custom order as they resolve production and shipping issues.


On the first and third Saturdays of each month we usually participate in group rides with our local Ventura County Recumbent Riders group. Click here for more information about these rides, which are an excellent opportunity to take a look at a broad range of recumbent bikes and trikes.


Our website was set up and is maintained directly by me. Its primary purpose is to provide information about our products and our businesses for prospective local tricycle purchasers. If you're a hardcore web browser who spends a lot more time on his (or her) computer than out pedaling on open roads, you may be a bit disappointed to find that our site is basically fairly simple and functional no Flash, no active server pages, no animated GIFs, no frames, no popups, not even very much in the way of photos or video. That is intentional; our purpose here is not to entertain netsurfers, but to enlighten current or potential trikeys.

Info for interested webmonkeys only: Our site is more or less optimized for a 'lowest common denominator' display that is full screen mode at 800X600 pixel resolution, with a pretty clean browser window. We display photos directly, without HTML code and in the active browser window. All of our web pages were pretty much hand-coded, using only a freeware HTML editor with drag and click code snippets. If you have any comments, suggestion or feedback to offer, please feel free to pass them along.

Last updated 5/5/2010