Wisconsin guys are mostly straight,
Like Minnesota's men, but wait –
Recumbent riders don't conform,
Rebelling from the social norm,
And that, I guess, or it's believed
Explains why R&P conceived
A plan to shock their riding pals
By dressing as bordello gals.

This duo came to TaterTOT,
And thought, "Let's ride like girls; why not?"
Each bought a sleazy uniform
Which blocked the sun and kept him warm,
But flashed a lace-trimmed bulging bust,
Perhaps exciting someone's lust;
Although some guys were seen to grope,
They fondled R&P in fun (Let's hope!)

Wasp-waisted teddies clung to hips
They swished and wiggled, pursing lips
To offer kisses (mostly air).
R's face was bald, but P's had hair,
And even with one's eyelids closed,
I think it may be well supposed
Caresses of a stubbly chin
Must seem much more like yang than yin.

The pair claims no one asked for dates,
But guys were noticed checking rates,
Quite clearly printed on their backs,
Though not including tips and tax.
And some, I've heard, were haggling... but
That's hearsay. P's lewd, prissy strut,
Firm, full-curved rear and floozy flounce,
Marked him top-dollar, no discounts.

In fact, though Mr. R seemed shy,
Uncertain, awkward, like a guy
Unused to dressing up in drag,
His partner had it in the bag,
As though he'd practiced... or perhaps
P vamps at home in feathered wraps,
Stuffed bustieres and satin tights
On long, cold, lonely Winter nights?

Whatever, and however, folks,
This rowdy, fun, outrageous hoax
Has upped the bar at TaterTOT
For entertainment; though it's not
G-rated, wholesome or PC,
It sure as shootin' tickled me,
And had, perhaps, a tad more class
Than that full moon up Dobson Pass.

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