On Top of the Bridge
I choose my riding partners carefully,
Ideally only women; if like me,
You're growing old, you'd like that, too, I'll bet;
Impromptu competition's not a threat –
Well, hardly ever, maybe, I should say...
Some women trikeys swiftly speed away,
While I fall far behind to gasp and wheeze
As sore leg muscles flex my creaky knees...

That didn't happen on my ride today;
The women with me were, I'm glad to say,
Not too concerned with cadence or heart rate;
When Deena stopped, the rest of us would wait
While she made friends with some strange breed of dog,
Engaging in a lengthy dialog
With owners who were strolling on the MUP,
Quite pleased that she knew all about their pup.

No one complained of lack of exercise;
We cruised along beneath strange clouded skies,
The kind we rarely see here in SoCal,
Which gave an added boost to our morale.
All shades of gray in heavy overcast,
A perfect backdrop for birds flying past,
Two groups of gull-winged pelicans in flight –
A rare, dramatic and inspiring sight.

We pedaled our tadpoles as we talked,
And greeted other folks who jogged or walked.
A gentle sea breeze stirred the clouds above,
Cool Autumn weather that you've gotta love –
This day was perfect for a slow-paced cruise
Around Oxnard's marinas; scenic views
Include one panoramic sight that's prime,
Atop the high-rise bridge; it's worth the climb.

I'll ride with other guys from time to time,
Plus folks who think trike motors are sublime.
I'll ride a little faster when I must,
And – as they say – wear out instead of rust,
But I'll appreciate days like today,
And I'll be smiling when one comes my way.

When I posted this rhyming ride record on the BentRider OnLine forum, Doc Deena felt compelled to acknowledge that I hadn't deviated too far from fact in reporting her compulsive conduct concerning canine confrontations, admitting that she was, in fact, a self-described "dog petter". The issue of positive interaction with pups on the MUPs briefly became the new focus of the forum thread. In a subsequent post I noted that there had been a number of other threads about negative canine encounters, but not many for the opposite – a partial quote: "Countering complaints about Kamikaze Akitas, cranky Cockers, churlish Chows or killer Corgis, the point of this post is that a trike is pretty much the perfect pedaling platform for pleasant parleys with perambulating pooches..." This impromptu doggy ditty was included in that post:

Doc Deena's much too modest, folks, in her self-designation
As mere "dog-petter"; that is not a close approximation.
When people meet a Navy Seal, they don't call him a sailor.
Would someone call Shimano's Di2 a mere derailleur?

This trikey is an expert, pro, a guru by vocation;
She also loves to greet strange dogs, I think, for recreation.
Whenever Deena spots a dog, she shows no hesitation;
She knows at once what breed it is, or what strange combination
Caused its unique appearance plus its physical condition.
She very rarely misses, guys – a brilliant exhibition
Of expertise, enthusiasm and 'a lot of learning'.
We've seen the owners of odd breeds amazed by her discerning
The breed(s), the age and style of cut of their exotic puppies.
I've chuckled, seeing Deena wow the socks off snobs and yuppies.

As Deena interacts with canines, taking breaks and schmoozing,
Both Kay and I've enjoyed our rides, with no regrets, refusing
To get concerned about our pace, not breathing hard, but choosing
To pedal our trikes and chat, enjoying life, just cruising...

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Last updated 12/18/2021