I'm here again with something on my chest,
And I'm afraid the thought won't let me rest
Until this sentiment has been expressed:
Recumbent people are the very best!

Of course that's not to say that no one likes,
By definition, guys on mountain bikes,
Or folks who'd rather flex their legs on hikes
Or go for swims when inspiration strikes.

I'd simply like to note what I have found,
As I have ridden, swum and walked around:
'Bent bodies (and some minds) may not be sound,
But hey at least we're not too tightly wound.

Some roadies, when they're riding in a pack,
Get antsy, waiting for the next attack.
'Bent bikers' psyches don't get out of whack
Perhaps because we always ride laidback?

Like my old eyes, my social skills aren't keen,
But here for what it's worth is what I've seen:
Though man is not defined by his machine,
Bent riders as a group are quite serene.

I have to say that as a normal rule
On our 'bent rides the mood is pretty cool.
And if you join us I suspect that you'll
Agree and may be grinning like a fool.

That folks on 'bents are largely pretty nice
Is more than random odds like rolling dice.
Why's that? you ask. Just think about it twice.
What kind of guy is apt to buy a Trice?

Most folks on bents are more or less mature,
And mellow isn't just a fad du jour.
[Is that the same as 'aged'? Well... that's truer
Than some of us would like to think, I'm sure.

It seems to me it's also fairly plain
In going 'bent one goes against the grain.
Recumbents are a pricey, mutant strain;
A buyer's much more apt to use his brain.

But whether we have smarts or don't have youth,
Whatever, guys, it seems to be the truth
'Bent riders rarely ever act uncouth
No beady eye or gleaming, pointed tooth.

Our group has riders of the strongest kind,
While others think the Ojai trail's a grind.
There's always been a balance we can find;
We all have fun, but no one's left behind.

I've liked most all the 'bent folks I have met,
But still, I have to tout one special set:
The guys that Christy calls 'her people' get
My vote as NUMBER ONE the very bestest yet!

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Last updated Nov 11 2004