Since terminology revision
Has now become a social mission,
I'd like to put in my two pennies:
That small back room you'll find at Denny's
Is never used for baths or resting,
So I'm herewith, hereby suggesting
A more explicit designation;
It should be termed 'EXCRETION STATION'.

But now that some have been converted
From sexist – so it's now asserted –
To much more open and inclusive
Plus less offensive or abusive
New status known as 'neutral gender',
I have a gripe with those who render
The text and icons which are posted
Outside the doors; it's time they're roasted!

Most now proclaim 'ALL GENDERS' status,
Though some retain an apparatus
Which might perplex some female clients
Who aren't well read on plumbing science.
I'm sure you've heard at least one story,
Some based on fact, some new, some hoary,
Of pissoir usage not intended
And which cannot be recommended!

The big offense, though: they're misusing
That phrase 'ALL GENDERS'; it's confusing.
Some young guy reading that notation
With literal interpretation,
May think that phrase mandates him pairing
With some cute girl that he'll be scaring
By offering to be her escort;
He'll be shocked by her scathing retort.

That word 'ALL' is the big offender;
The signs are wrong, too, like the reading;
Their group depictions are misleading.
The signage should show discrete users,
Which even literal perusers,
And those pervertedly contrary
Know means: make visits solitary.

In closing, folks, one last suggestion:
Once you've completed your egestion,
And fluid waste has ceased its sloshing,
Before you leave, your hands need washing!


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by Wayne
April 2021