'Twas the week before Christmas and down on the coast
Here in Ventura County, though we rarely boast,
This month's weather's the kind almost ev'ryone likes,
Near ideal for folks to go riding on trikes.

College Park was the place where we started our cruise –
Safe, free parking and plumbing that some riders use.
If you'd seen our group you'd have quite rightly guessed
That nobody was seeking a personal best
For long mileage, huge altitude gains or high speed –
Just a casual cruise, like most folks sometimes need.
With my wife wearing yellow and me dressed to match
We set off at a pace where we weren't hard to catch.

We rode down through the college and turned west on Bard.
I told Kay, "Getting lost on this ride would be hard,"
Then reminded myself 'Someone frequently does.'
[I'm too tactful and gracious to say who it was.]
As we rode down the bike lane a breeze from behind
Pushed us gently along; Mother Nature was kind,
Since she changed to a west wind for our return –
Like a small, welcome bonus which we didn't earn.

We turned left on the MUP beside Bubbling Springs,
A mistitled barranca – just one of those things
Overhyped by some realtor or city PR.
From dark pools flocks of ducks who'd flown in from afar,
Getting handouts from kids, made a feathery fuss
When disturbed by the trikes pedaled past them by us.
Next we stopped to address fluid balance demands
Near the pier before riding on west by the sands.

On the road by the rockpile both Stephen and Q
Raced away, going fast; I sped up a bit too.
As the distance between us kept growing, I grinned.
Though I couldn't keep up, still I wasn't chagrined.
Sure, it's fun when you're cruising to pick up the pace,
But sometimes it feels better to dawdle than race.
At the lighthouse we turned and began heading back,
But decided to add a few miles to our track.

We extended the mileage for this too-short ride
By detouring to roam on the MUPs in Surfside,
Then we stopped and hopped off our tricycle mounts,
Still discussing, uncertain how we should pronounce
The new place we'd have lunch – some say 'foe', some say 'fah',
But most say it as 'fuh' (with the vowel a schwa).
Anyway and whatever, their food rates a ten,
And our whole gang would happily eat there again.

We rode back to the park and said, "Bye-bye, farewell."
Though the holiday season will likely compel
Ev'rybody to spend all their time in pursuits
Unrelated to cycling, still our favorite routes
Will be waiting for us as the new year begins,
And we're hoping to see you as our group spins –
Pairs of feet pumping pedals and trios of wheels –
As we're once more reminded how great triking feels.

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